The Web 2.0 evolution and your marketing methods

The Web 2.0 evolution and your marketing methods

As online marketing evolves Dan Lok says the only limits to what can be done are what you can imagine - An item from

Almost 10 years ago, futurist author John Naisbitt wrote about the social effects of the internet in his book, High-Tech/High-Touch. Here’s an excerpt from a synopsis that described the author’s observations…

“… on the effects of technology in reshaping society, the book brings together a mountain of evidence implicating technology in relentlessly accelerating our lives and stirring profound yearnings for a more emotionally satisfying existence.”

It’s simple… the more hi-tech we are, the more we crave for human interaction.

And we’ve responded to an ever-increasing sense of isolation with the help of the web and multimedia technology. There are web-based video sites like YouTube. Social networking sites such as Digg, Flickr, Wikis, MySpace and Facebook, etc. and perpetual ways to keep in contact with IM, video messaging, and texting via cell phones.

The web has grown up, and the term, Web 2.0, reflects it in important ways. For online businesses, it means giving people increased interaction and more control over their content. A curious and new twist on a time-tested marketing term, give people what they want.

Web 2.0 exemplifies the evolution of the internet. But in a way it’s a return to earlier roots by being the information sharing resource it was in the beginning when it was invented. But with the Web 2.0 twist.

And what does it mean for online businesses? It amplifies the power of the best form of advertising for any business!

Word-of-mouth advertising. Brand building. And getting your business message out to be heard!

The nature of Web 2.0 is viral and contagious. Go to Digg or and you'll find out what I mean. As a marketer in this environment, it’s crucial for you to understand the importance of viral marketing and managing your various marketing messages. And it’s important to creating maximum buzz around your products.

But you need to develop a smart strategy.

The best way to take advantage of this new technology is to understand what each has to offer in your marketing plan. Then develop a clear understanding of your business goals and most desired outcome. And no. It’s not as simple as ‘making a boatload of cash!’

It’s really no different than having a tool box. Each tool has its own specific purpose and reason for being. For example… if you want to know how customers feel about a particular topic, you can create a blog to get that kind of information. You can do interviews using either video or podcast and make them available.

Audio is very powerful and diverse. You can increase website conversions, regardless of your most desired response, simply by putting an audio button with a short message on it.

The only limits to what can be done are what you can imagine…

Approach the Web 2.0 evolution with the same strategies used with the more traditional ways of marketing. An integrated approach will serve you well. And the same marketing principles apply. We’re just driving a new vehicle!

Succeeding at online marketing means paying attention and evolving. Businesses that refuse to learn and grow will soon disappear.