Any Questions

Any Questions

The FAQs section of the site can be used as an effective way of summarising information. You can post things like opening hours, methods of payment and other pertinent information to allow customers to see, by reading just one page, a summary of your business.

This section can also be used to 'blow your own trumpet' by asking questions about your products and services and then answering them in a very positive way, leading the potential customer to your way of thinking and then to tempt them to contact you or buy your products.

The following is a list of the 'questions' you might consider putting on this area of your website.

1. What are your opening hours?
2. Where is your office/location?
3. What sort of warranties to you offer?
4. How long have you been trading?
5. What makes you different?

As always, these questions are just for guidance. However, you must remember to use every part of your website as an effective marketing tool and if it is going to 'work' it needs to be useful. There is nothing worse than a website that says too much, after all you don't want to answer all of the peoples questions or they would have no reason to call you, hence starting the sales process.